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Get laboratory-grade potency results in under a minute.

Steep Hill Express™

Measure THC-A, ∆-9-THC, CBD-A, CBD and moisture levels in cannabis flowers in under 60 seconds without damaging the sample.

How It Works

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Reduce purchasing costs

Potency reports in under 60 seconds (with high speed internet connection). Test for THCA, D9THC, CBD, CBDA & moisture. Analyze cannabis flowers & leaves. Non-destructive, chemical-free near infrared spectrophotometry (NIRS) analysis. High-pressure liquid.

Empower marketing efforts

Software as a service (SaaS) web application system. Cloud-based analytics. PDF, email & Facebook integrations. Unlimited testing options available. Partner program, retail marketing support, & social media support options availableOnsite testing unit r

Transparency for customers

Testing unit dimensions: 11.37" x 16.45" x 5.22". Use scanner with any monitor or laptop setup Gen Kit Integration. Unlimited testing options available

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