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Steep Hill has licensed our cannabis testing technology to Spectra Analytical Lab, which is run by a highly respected team known for cannabis science, patient advocacy and educational event production in Hawaii. Once approved by the Hawaii Department of Health, the team will open Steep Hill Hawaii as a full service medical cannabis quality assurance laboratory, bringing advanced scientific tools and methodology to the state. The new lab will be headquartered on the island of Oahu, in downtown Honolulu.

The Team:

Dana Ciccone, CEO of Steep Hill Hawaii
A long time patient advocate for medical cannabis in Hawaii, Dana is considered a pioneer in the Hawaii cannabis community, Mr. Ciccone has organized several educational cannabis events in the islands and was a member of the Hawaii Medical Marijuana Dispensary Task Force. He was instrumental in providing advice on several of the current medical cannabis laws and administrative rules adopted by the State of Hawaii. As CEO of Spectra Analytical Lab in Hawaii, Mr. Ciccone has led an exceptional team, paving the way for cannabis testing in Hawaii.

Michael Covington, Senior Chemist of Steep Hill Hawaii
Earned a BS in Plant Physiology from the University of Florida in 1994 and a MS in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2003. Current affiliations include ACS and IUPAC. Mr. Covington has extensive experience in laboratory management and instrumentation and has been working on cannabinoid profiling and cannabis chemistry for the past 2 years. He previously spent 15 years in commercial mechanical and electrical engineering, pollutant storage construction, solid and hazardous waste cleanup and commercial construction project management.

Steep Hill is expanding and proud to offer comprehensive cannabis testing across a network of laboratories that connect six U.S. states.

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