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General Inquiry & Lab Testing:

General Phone: (510) 562-7400

Email: info@steephill.com

Information Specialist: Info Specialist


General Phone: (415) 450 - 7822

Email: sales@steephill.com

Information Specialist: Tony Daniel

For Investors

General Phone: (510) 562-7400

Email: investor.relations@steephill.com

Information Specialist: Mitch Kulick

Media Inquiries

General Phone: (510) 562-7400

Email: cathie@steephill.com

Information Specialist: Cathie Bennett Warner

Washington Sales Manager

General Phone: (253) 277 - 8936

Email: dino.michaelides@steephill.com

Information Specialist: Dino Michaelides

New Mexico Sales Manager

General Phone: (505) 459-2662

Email: nathan@steephill.com

Information Specialist: Nathan Gilbert


General Phone: (510) 562-7400

Email: licensing@steephill.com

Information Specialist: Licensing Director

Steep Hill Hawaii

General Phone: (808) 735 - 5227

Email: dana.ciccone@hi.steephill.com

Information Specialist: Dana Ciccone

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California (HQ)

1005 Parker Street,

Berkeley, CA 94710

Phone: +1 (510) 562-7400



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