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Steep Hill is the country’s leading cannabis science and technology firm. Steep Hill opened the first commercial cannabis lab in the United States in 2008, and now has company-owned labs in Berkeley, CA, and Seattle, WA, with licensed labs in Honolulu, HI, Columbia, MD, Las Vegas, NV, and Albuquerque, NM. We plan to have a licensed location in Portland, OR in 2016.

Steep Hill’s core business is testing and analyzing medical and recreational marijuana to ensure compliance with public safety standards. In addition to its core business, Steep Hill is also an innovative R&D Lab that has developed and commercialized two highly-differentiated and proprietary products: the QuantaCann™ and the GenKit™.


Steep Hill is in AK, CA, HI, MD, NM, WA and more to come.

Learn How to Open a Steep Hill Licensee Lab Anywhere on the Globe

Steep Hill Announces Release of Genkit

Steep Hill, the industry leader in cannabis testing analytics in the US and internationally, released Genkit today, new testing product to assist the growing cannabis industry.

How to Become an Investor

Steep Hill represents a unique opportunity for investors to participate in a legally mandated segment of the cannabis market. As legalization continues to proliferate across the country and throughout the world, demand for Steep Hill’s services will grow commensurately.