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Steep Hill is an independently owned and operated analysis, biotechnology, and research and development facility. We seek to empower cultivators, dispensaries, manufacturers, and consumers with a transparent understanding of science.

Laboratory Testing

Our analytical laboratory measures the potency and safety of all cannabinoid infused products and medicines. We use premium instruments and qualified methodologies to quantify up to 20 cannabinoids, as many as 42 terpenes, microbiological/ pesticide contaminants, and residual solvents.

Online Lab Reports

Log into Steep Hill's lab reporting portal to access your analytical data, review historical tests, or print custom labels for products.

Lab Licensing

Leverage Steep Hill’s science, technology, brand and regulatory expertise to jumpstart a third-party testing services business in your state, province or country. As a Steep Hill licensee, you can take advantage of the best science in the business right out of the gate by leveraging our SOPs, LIMS system, online reporting for customers, marketing and global web presence.

Steep Hill in the News

Why Does Each Cannabis Lab Report Total THC Differently?

Decarboxylation is the process whereby the acid cannabinoids (such as THCA) produced by the plant are heated to "activate" them by converting to the neutrals (such as THC). In the process, each acid molecule loses CO2 (carbon dioxide) which leaves as a gas. In concentrates, one can often see the bubbles during this process. Since the acid molecules lose mass (CO2 has a molar mass of 44 D), the percent by weight of ∆9THC will always be lower than the percent by weight of THCA. For THCA--->THC, the conversion results in THC (MW = 314.4 g/mol) from THCA (MW = 358.4 g/mol) so the ratio is 0.88. But that's not all that happens. In addition to losing CO2 and forming THC, THCA also forms other byproducts. In most instances, a good estimate of the total conversion efficiency is about 75%, but this will depend somewhat on temperatures and times used to decarboxylate. What is "Total THC"? The term "Total THC" does not have a well-defined meaning. It is calculated in different ways, producing very different results.